Marvin Marshall of Bloodshed Fitness


Marvin AKA Bloodshed is the Founder and CEO of Bloodshed Fitness established in February 2016. As a Veteran United States Army Soldier and Certified Personal Trainer, Marvin became a fitness enthusiast after being medically retired in 2012. At that point, he decided he needed to live a healthier lifestyle. By following some of his inspirations for lifestyle goals, he quickly developed his own program. Marvin’s unique and no nonsense fitness style combines his skills and talent in Football, Mixed Martial Arts and Track and Field to create his full bodied no nonsense workout program. Marvin’s Bloodshed Boot Camp has delivered results for clients of all fitness levels at local gyms,such as Fit and Sassy, Anytime Fitness, and Inferno and Dawn Wells Fitness. His latest expansion includes corporate fitness programs and partnerships with Rising Phoenix Enrichment Program Inc. and Porsche.