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Dawn Wells Fitness Worksite Wellness Programs understand the best worksite wellness programs keep the focus on the need to help
employees adopt and maintain healthy behaviors. We partner with counties and corporations onsite programming personnel, nationally to create a fun and effective worksite wellness program by incorporating the 4 components of the behavior change model, AMSO,
(Awareness, Motivation, Skills, and Opportunities). Our programs include personal training, group fitness, nutritional counseling/coaching and interactive educational workshops. And all of our programs are available onsite or remotely via Zoom.

Our Instructors and nutrition professionals are trained in corporate fitness programs and certified experts in their prospective areas and
hold current CPR/AED ID cards and nutritional licenses.

Our passion and commitment to our clients and customer service make us a leader in our industry and a perfect partner for your organization. So, take the Challenge out of the process and allow more fun in your program. Contact us today!


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“Finally, A Gym Culture Where Everyone is Welcome.”

Incorporating various dance styles including Caribbean, African, Latin and Belly Dance, DWF turns the rigors of rote physical training into a lively, engaging, endorphin-boosting activity that leaves clients always wanting more.

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