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1)    DWF Studio cares. When you join us, you become a member of our fitness family which means we learn your name, your fitness and nutritional needs, and truly get to know you on a personal level.


2)     We are redefining what healthy looks like. Because healthy looks different on everyone and is not one size fits all, we guide you to achieve your individual healthy weight, nutrition and fitness.


3)     We give you group fitness with a personal training feel. Our certified instructors boast a combined 75 years of total industry experience and offer fun workouts in a safe space. In each class, we make sure each member is using correct form and proper execution during each and every workout.


4)     Our class schedule IS your fitness program. Each daily class schedule focuses on varied muscle targets yet still deliver a full body workout. If attended daily, by the end of the week you will have a complete fitness regimen. As an added the majority of our instructors are creators of their classes, so you won’t find these classes anywhere else.


And finally…


5)     In addition to our group fitness classes, DWF Studio offers more. We provide one-on-one personal training, nutritional coaching and advisement, AND massages by appointment.


Bottom line, you are in exceptional hands at Dawn Wells Fitness Studio. I invite you to come and experience us so that you can Do Ya Thing the DWF Studio way!



Dawn Wells Fitness (DWF) focuses on nutrition with a strong emphasis on the healthful and wholistic aspects of personal training. Incorporating various dance styles including Caribbean, African, Latin and Belly Dance, DWF turns the rigors of rote physical training into a lively, engaging, endorphin-boosting activity that leaves clients always wanting more.


Recognizing the dire need for fitness and nutrition programs for all audiences, Dawn founded and directs Angel Eyes Fitness and Nutrition, a non-profit organization which improves health and wellness outcomes for everyone regardless of visual aptitude or exercise experience.  A key aspect of Angel Eyes Fitness and Nutrition is Sight Unseen Dance Fitness, also created by Dawn. This program uses descriptive, simplified verbal instruction and easy-to-follow moves with familiar names to specifically serve the blind and visually-impaired community.  Sight Unseen Fitness is provided once a month, and alternates with various of fitness programs all tailored to serve the Blind and visually impaired and offered every 1st Saturday.




All DWF instructors and coaches offer their own unique specialization and approach to fitness. Most importantly, each are committed to one thing: Helping you live a better life through good health.


To underscore and promote the reality that looking and feeling healthy is based on the individual, and not a one-size-fits-all notion of body image, by providing group fitness with a personal training feel in a fun, safe and supportive environment.


DAWN WELLS, aka “Sistah Fitness,” is a Certified AFAA Group Fitness Instructor, Certified SCW Personal Trainer and Certified Nutritional Coach, whose personal fitness journey and passion for people constantly inspires her to strive for excellence in creative exercise. Always innovative and results-oriented, Dawn consistently reinvents her signature approach to provide high-energy, fun classes for her clients from start to finish. She holds licensing in Zumba Basic, Toning, Sentao, Aqua, Gold & Gold Toning and Belly Dance Fitness along with certifications in Piloxing, Piloxing Barre, Piloxing Knockout and the low impact high intensity Kangoo Dance & Boot Camp. Dawn holds additional certifications in abs and glutes.


Providing Group Fitness with a personal training “feel”

in a fun and safe environment.






Boasting 25+ years of fitness industry experience, Dawn is a proud veteran of the U.S. Marine Corp (active duty) and U.S. Army Reserves and has had a love for fitness for most of her adolescent and adult life.  Life changed for Dawn in 2011 when at age 40 she experienced dramatic weight gain and was diagnosed with a 20-year eating disorder (B.E.D.S.). At this point, Dawn decided to take charge of her situation and was simultaneously introduced to Zumba. Attending classes almost daily, her Zumba instructor encouraged her to gain her certification. Dawn became a certified fitness professional in 2012 and the rest is history.


Dawn is the founder and director of Angel Eyes Fitness and Nutrition, a 501(c)(3) which provides specially targeted and tailored fitness and nutrition programs for members of the blind and visually-impaired community. Dawn also serves as Vice President of African Sisters for Information, Knowledge and Empowerment (ASIKE), a non-profit organization that focuses on redefining the image of the African woman and spearheads the Sponsor-A-Child (SAC) Program which funds educational needs for girls in nine different African and Caribbean nations.  When Dawn isn’t busy championing access to healthy living and education for all—or developing her fitness gear and training media brand—she is proudly mothering three and grandmothering one who lovingly calls her “Grammy” because she is award-winning. Dawn lives in the East Atlanta suburb of Covington.


Look at some of our members in the DWF 6 WEEKS CHALLENGE!


A 25-year veteran martial artist expert and 2nd degree black belt, Kathy delivers the niche art of Yogalates as well as her original fitness platform Focused Endurance Enhancement Tae Kwon Do Training (F.E.E.T.T.)


Ms Bianca “BeBe” Giselle has been practicing dancing for over 30 years starting back to the young age of 4 years old. Her favorite genres include jazz, modern, and hip-hop. Her love for fitness began soon after graduating from high school and she realized how easy the pounds packed on. BeBe decided to take her passion one step further becoming licensed as a Zumba Instructor in September 2015 and she continues to sow her passion and style into each class she teaches. Her goal is to inspire and encourage people from all walks of life to be

steadfast in their fitness goals. Zumba has truly changed my life!



Jamal is an amazing young man and comes with lots of excitement, skill and a real passion and patience, to see his clients soar! In addition, to the H.I.T.T. class and personal training, Jamal is also available NOW for massages, (deep tissue, sports or Swedish) he is skilled at them all!


Jamal‘s infectious excitement, genuine skill, real passion and steadfast patience are all focused on helping clients soar. Specializing in High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.), MAD Abs program and personal training, Jamal also is a licensed massage therapist and performs sensational deep tissue, sports and Swedish massage.


Isabel “Izzy” Lazenby is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach. Certified in Zumba in 2017 she decided to further her brand to include Zumba’s latest program Strong by Zumba. Izzy is wife and mother of 2 beautiful sons whom have all relocated from beautiful Southern California. Izzy’s positive and encouraging attitude is absolutely infectious which makes her a solid attribute at DWF.



Though she's a newbie in the world of professional fitness, Elaine brings both intense focus and fun to her workouts. Soon after becoming a DWF member, she realized that she desired to help others reach their fitness goals. She earned both her Piloxing Barre and Piloxing Knockout certifications in 2016. A strong believer in the combination of healthy eating and exercise, Elaine's goal is to inspire others to become their best selves - both inside and out.



When “Victoria D.” was a new mom she realized that she was the only one who could have an impact on her health. Realizing how truly hard it was to make time for herself, she decided to take action and become a group fitness instructor. This would be the perfect way have FUN and ENERGIZING way put the enjoyment back into being "fit". Seven years later, with 2 children she teaches several group fitness formats - including Zumba, Cardio Kickboxing, Bootcamp, and Aqua Fit. “I still feel such a connection to other women that struggle with making time for themselves! Never forget to take care of YOU!! See you in class!!!”




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If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

What We Do

Providing Good Health Sense

for Great Health Outcomes

Because each body is different, we design individualized programs to achieve individualized results. We are committed to redefining the health and wellness industry through unmatched quality and innovation.



Group Fitness

DWF specializes in low-impact medium to high intensity classes. Our classes educate on proper form in addition to providing focused toning for both small and large muscle groups.

Personal Training

Receive one on one personalized training and guidance for your 4 week (12 sessions) exercise regimen. This includes an initial 30-minute fitness and nutritional assessment, and customized meal plan for your blood type for FREE.

Blood Type -Based Meal Plans

Treat yourself to a customized four week meal plan and receive education on basic food knowledge for your blood type. Certified nutritionist/dietician referrals are also available.

Fitness and Nutrition Assessments

Blood Type-Based Nutrition

Support and Motivation

Education is key to good health and wellness. Hence, DWF provides a FREE Nutritional and Fitness Assessment to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Ever wonder why certain foods simply don’t agree with your body?  DWF provides in-depth insight on recommended and restrictive food and eating habits for your blood type.

Making and maintaining lifestyle changes can be extremely challenging. That’s why the DWF team is always available via groupme chat to help you stay fired up and on track.


Drop in Rate: $8.00

5 Class Punchcard $34.99

10 Class Punchcard $54.99

DWF 30 Days Basic Membership $54.99

5 AM Boot Camp Only $64.99

8 (1 hr) sessions of Personal Training w/customized blood type meal plan $319.99

Fitness Plan w/ initial assessment at DWF $74.99

Platinum Membership includes unlimited classes and Boost Camps $79.99

6 weeks Customized Meal and self guided 3 day Fitness Plan w/ initial assessment at DWF $249.99

6 weeks Customized Meal Plan for Your Blood Type $199.99

Kangoo Boot Rental $5



Redefining what "Healthy" Looks Like

At DWF Studio we are truly care and are redefining what "Healthy" looks like. Just listen to and see what our DWF Fitness Family is saying: and wellness industry through unmatched quality and innovation.


Look at some of our members in the DWF 6 WEEKS CHALLENGE!

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Five-minute workouts, fitness advice, health tips, and positive affirmations here you’ll find a collection of helpful videos free to access any time. New videos featuring designer workouts and specialized guidance are added regularly. Browse through, check back and always feel free to post any comments or questions you may have.

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